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Available languages — JOSM/Plugins/PhotoAdjust
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PhotoAdjust geotagged layer.png
PhotoAdjust property edit menu.png

The photo adjust plugin allows to move geotagged photos on the map and to place photos that don't have GPS coordinates associated with them on the map, thus to geotag them.


Photos that were taken with a GPS enabled camera or correlated with a GPX track have the coordinates of the camera or GPX device stored in their metadata. They are shown at that position on the map. But the actual content of the photo might be far off that position. Then it might be a good idea to move such a photo on the map to the object it shows. Or a photo doesn't have GPS coordinates at all. By placing that photo on the map it gets GPS coordinates that can be stored in the metadata later on. See the Photo Geotagging plugin for a way to store the GPS coordinates and other data in the photo metadata.

Modes Of Operation

The functionality of the photo adjust plugin is available if a photo layer (Geotagged Images, geo image layer) is active or if the photo adjust map mode is active.

Active Photo Layer

PhotoAdjust geotagged images layer.png

If a photo layer is active, then the functionality is limited to the photos on that layer.

Photo Adjust Map Mode

PhotoAdjust map mode.png

The map mode works with all photos. It can be activated by selecting the map mode button. If the photo adjust map mode and a photo layer are active at the same time, then the photo layer has precedence, i.e. only the photos on the selected layer can be adjusted.


Move A Photo

Click and drag on a photo and move it.

Place A Photo On The Map

Hold the shift key down and click on the map to place the photo currently shown in the Geotagged Images window at the mouse position on the map.

Set The Direction Of A Photo

Hold the control key down and click on the map to set the direction of the photo currently shown in the Geotagged Images window towards the mouse position on the map.

Browse Through Photos

Use the arrow buttons in the Geotagged Images pane, or use the page up or page down keys. (JOSM core functionality)

Remove Images

To delete the current image from the selected layer, click the rubbish bin icon in the Geotagged Images pane. Alternatively one can use the shortcut: shift + delete. (JOSM core functionality)

To delete images from the disk (deleting the original file), click the disk with a red cross next to it in the Geotagged Images pane. Alternatively one can use the shortcut: control + shift + delete. (JOSM core functionality)

Edit Photo GPS Data

PhotoAdjust property editor.png

GPS related properties of the selected photo can be edited with the GPS data editor. Open the editor with Edit photo GPS data in the JOSM Edit menu.

Features of the GPS data editor:

  • All changes are temporary.
  • The position on the map reflects the current Coordinates.
  • Undo discards all changed made in the dialog.
  • Reload re-reads the GPS data from the image file.
  • OK sets the values for the photo and closes the dialog. The values are not written to the image file.
  • Cancel discards all changed made in the dialog and closes it.

Additional Photo Layer Menu Items

PhotoAdjust geoimage layer menu.png

The plugin adds a menu item to photo layers. The menu item New layer for untagged images moves all photos without GPS coordinates to a new layer Untagged Images. This makes it easier to work only on the untagged photos.


Turn off "Center View"

GeotaggedImageViewer CenterView.png

The plugin works best if the "Center View" option of the "Geotagged Images" viewer is turned off. If this is not done you may find it difficult to place the photos on the map with the desired level of precision as as soon as you place the photo the map will move to center over the new location, at which point your cursor is now somewhere else on the map, which causes the photo to move, which repeats the entire process.


There are a few things the plugin doesn't do. This is a list of things it could do:

  • Settings like altitude, speed, and direction are not changed if the coordinates are set. It might be better to delete those settings.