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24309 (2010-11-19)

  • added support for GIF images

24300 (2010-11-18)

Precision :

  • high precision scaling and rotating using the SHIFT key
  • low/high precision configurable using prefs

Loading :

  • "load picture" dialog now remembers and restores the dir previously used (I was going crazy without this feature)
  • multiple selection of files to load (before it was file by file only)
  • automatic zooming on newly loaded picture (can be disabled by setting piclayer.zoom-on-load=0)
  • automatic loading of cal files when they are available (can be controlled with piclayer.autoloadcal=yes/no/ask
  • the name of the layer is now the name of the loaded file by default


  • allow to auto-zoom on PicLayers (e.g. support of the bounding box visitor)
  • added possibility to rename the Piclayers