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ShapeTools plugin gives the user several tools to facilitate alignment of buildings with parts of a road.


  • Plugin facilitates rotation(clockwise and anticlockwise) by an user-selected angle, in degrees
  • Also, it allows the user to align a building with a road, by selecting the desired segment on the road, and a wall of the building.
  • Lastly, user can align all buildings that he chooses by a line, which is decided using the segment the user selects. If the epsilon(meters) is bigger than the distance between the building and road, the building will align


You can install the plugin via the JOSM plugin manager.


Rotation of a building by a certain angle


ShapeTools Rotation 1.png


ShapeTools Rotation 0.png

Aligning of building with road

ShapeTools Rotation 2.png

ShapeTools Rotation3.png

Aligning all selected buildings with road

ShapeTools Rotation 5.png

ShapeTools Rotation 6.png

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