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The SimplifyArea plugin is maintained on GitHub.

More recent description can be found in pluggin settings (source code).

Older decription

This plugin is for simplifying areas by performing the following operations:

  1. Average nodes closer than simplify-area.distance parameter. Default is 0.2 (m).
  2. Remove every node for which is true
    1. The node lies on an obtuse angle configured with parameter simplify-area.angle. Default 10.0 (degrees).
    2. The node removal would cause area size change lower than specified by simplify-area.area parameter. Default is 5.0 (m^2).

The operation works not only on the areas but also on the paths. Tagged nodes and nodes that are referenced are not removed. If the path is not closed, the first and last node is also not removed. The plugin can also remove a node that is defined as the connecting node of the closed path. If such a node is removed then another node is used for this purpose.

After selecting one or more areas and/or paths you can use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Y or select the action from the menu More ToolsSimplify Area. The original purpose of this tool is to simplify imported buildings from the Slovak Cadastre Portal "KaPor" where buildings contain many redundant nodes. Built-in Simplify Way operation has been shown as inappropriate for this.


Author: Martin Zdila <>