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To-fix JOSM plugin

This plugin makes To-Fix OpenStreetMap microtasking challenges available directly from within the JOSM editor.

Instead of picking new tasks and confirming accomplished tasks through the web interface of To-Fix on this plugin allows you to work with To-Fix tasks without ever having to switch out of JOSM.


  • Open "Preferences" in your JOSM editor
  • Click "Update plugins"
  • Select "Plugins" and check "tofix"
  • Confirm with "OK" and restart JOSM



  • Select "To-fix" from "Windows", the To-fix window will appear as a panel on your screen (at least one layer must be enabled to select options within Windows)
  • Select a task from the drop down.

Working with the plugin

Tasks tab

  • Skip: Click to select a new task at any time.
  • Not an error: Click if a task does not require any editing
  • Fixed: click when you are done editing on a task. This will automatically start the upload process. Fill in a comment like #to-fix:tigerdelta. After uploading, the plugin will download the next task.

Config tab

  • Slide the bar for setting the default download size in m².

Activation tab

  • Check Enable Tofix plugin to enable tofix plugin functionality. This is active by default.
  • Check Auto delete layer to delete automatically layers with no data to upload. This is active by default.



Default shortcuts:

  • Skip button: ALT + SHIFT + S
  • Not a error button: ALT + SHIFT + N
  • Fixed button: ALT + SHIFT + F

Example to configure your own shortcuts:



If you’re a developer, you may want to take a crack at the code too. Both the To-Fix JOSM plugin and To-Fix itself are open source and on GitHub. If you want to learn more about developing plugins for JOSM, check out the JOSM web site.

If you have questions or ideas for improvements, ping me at Rub21, also you can find extra information in