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allows to undelete objects

This plugin allows to undelete objects.

How to use

  1. Find out the id. of the object
  2. Choose "File" → "Undelete Object"
  3. Enter the id. and type of the object (or list of id's; e.g., n1 w2)
    Examples :
    1. Node > n123
    2. Way > w234
    3. Relation > r345
    4. List > n1 n2 w1 r5
  4. Upload the changes

The object will be undeleted preserving the old id.

What if I do not know the id.?

The current API does not allow to search for deleted objects. Anyways, it is possible to use the undelete function of potlatch because it uses a different access to the database.

You can try to find the lost objects in older dumps of the database to find out the id.

If you know who created/changed/deleted the object and when, you can view that user's changeset history to find the id's of all objects affected by each changeset.

The old online editor Potlatch 1 is still able to show deleted objects.

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