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Jawg (jawg.io) is a commercial vector maps and consulting provider. Jawg built the OSM Contributor which is a 100% OpenSource Android application to help OSM mappers, especially non-experts, easily contribute to the map. All members of Jawg are passionate developers, willing to help and looking for constant feedback from the community. If you have an idea of a new tool you would like to have, please let us know about it!

Tools and products

  • Jawg maps - a highly scalable, highly resilient enterprise-grade map service, based on OpenStreetMap.
  • Jawg manager - a state-of-the-art web dashboard designed to provide easy-management of your datasets and users, to easily and seamlessly create the maps of your dreams.
  • Jawg storage - a powerful RESTful API to store and retrieve your datasets from any web client (Leaflet, Widgets) or native mobile app (Android, iOS)
  • OSM Contributor - OSM mapping tool for human beings. Simple is beautiful, we hope you will like this app because it was made with no compromise.
  • H2Geo - lost in the Wiki? The H2Geo project is a multi-source OSM type preset crawler, which gives you the best practices of all data types in the reach of a click.

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Please send any general feedback on Twitter (@jawgio) or issues on our github projects.