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The Bailiwick of Jersey, Europe

latitude: 49.1672, longitude: -2.1962
Browse map of the Bailiwick of Jersey 49°10′01.92″ N, 2°11′46.32″ W
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The Bailiwick of Jersey is a British Crown dependency in Europe at latitude 49°10′01.92″ North, longitude 2°11′46.32″ West.

Jersey was partly mapped by Dee Earley while on a 2 week camping trip in August 2006.

Road classification

St Helier Ring Road Other roads Suggested Tagging
Main south coast route [A1 (except Inner Road), A2 and A17] highway=trunk
Ring road roads Other 'A' class roads (except those within St Helier Ring Road) highway=primary
Main roads within Ring Road* B-class roads highway=secondary
C-class roads

X-class roads

Parish roads within the Ring Road Parish by-roads, except if below highway=unclassified
Residential-only roads within the Ring Road Roads of any sort with a primarily residential purpose (not main roads) highway=residential
Green lanes (NOT other 15mph roads) highway=living_street

*Due to current road closures, Broad Street and Dumaresq Street have been classed as unclassified roads.

Open Data

As of November 2023, there is very little open geospatial data available online about Jersey. Only the following have been published on locations of automated external defibrillators (AED) (here) and locations of bus shelters, car parks, public toilets and recycling centres (here). These could be compared with existing OSM data (though before any import, the licence would need to be checked for compatibility).

Out-of-copyright maps

Wikimedia Commons has a number of out-of-copyright maps, such as this Ordnance Survey map of the island, this admiralty chart of the Minquiers and this one containing the Écréhous (rectified version here for use as a custom layer in iD).