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The Bailiwick of Jersey, Europe

latitude: 49.1672, longitude: -2.1962
Browse map of the Bailiwick of Jersey 49°10′01.92″ N, 2°11′46.32″ W
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The Bailiwick of Jersey is a British Crown dependency in Europe at latitude 49°10′01.92″ North, longitude 2°11′46.32″ West.

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Jersey was partly mapped by Dee Earley while on a 2 week camping trip in August 2006.

Road classification

St Helier Ring Road Other roads Suggested Tagging
Main south coast route [A1 (except Inner Road), A2 and A17] highway=trunk
Ring road roads Other 'A' class roads (except those within St Helier Ring Road) highway=primary
Main roads within Ring Road* B-class roads highway=secondary
C-class roads

X-class roads

Parish roads within the Ring Road Parish by-roads, except if below highway=unclassified
Residential-only roads within the Ring Road Roads of any sort with a primarily residential purpose (not main roads) highway=residential
Green lanes (NOT other 15mph roads) highway=living_street

*Due to current road closures, Broad Street and Dumaresq Street have been classed as unclassified roads.