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Mapping aller POIs, wo man Kaffee zum Trinken kaufen kann. Dann Abfrage über overpass.

Mapping all POIs where you can buy ready to dring coffee.


Please write Coments here under discussion.

Presentation, Output


  • Tags definieren und multi-value verhindern (define schema and avoid multi-value)
  • Mehr Unterstützer bekommen (get more supporters)
  • Taginfo File erzeugen (create tag info file)


  • Is is neede to discriminate between Turkish, Greek, Bosnien... coffe style?

Tags (noch nicht fertig):

Bereits verfügbar (already exists)

drink:coffee = [yes,no] (nicht für offensichtliche POIs wie Cafe oder Restaurant)
Most likely only those that are "yes"
drink:coffee:automatic = [yes,no]
drink:coffee:frenchpress = [yes,no]
drink:coffee:portafilter = [yes,no]
drink:coffee:filter = [yes,no]
drink:coffee:Turkish = [yes, no] <-- Shall this be rather Arabic? 

drink:coffee:togo = [yes, no, byo, deposit]
drink:coffee:brands = [Liste der Verkauften Markten / list of brands. Not sure if this is needed/wanted]

Tag info json description.

       "data_format": 1,           # data format version, currently always 1, will get updated if there are incompatible changes to the format (required)
       "data_url": "...",          # this should be the URL under which this project file can be accessed (optional)
       "data_updated": "201809ddThhmmssZ", # timestamp when project file was updated (optional, will use HTTP header date if not available)
       "project": {                # meta information about the project (required)
           "name": "OpenCoffeeMap",          # name of the project (required)
           "description": "POI details about which coffee can be bought.",   # short description of the project (required)
           "project_url": "https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Kaffee-Karte",   # home page of the project with general information (required)
           "doc_url": "https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Kaffee-Karte",       # documentation of the project and especially the tags used (optional)
           "icon_url": "...",      # project logo, should work in 16x16 pixels on white and light gray backgrounds (optional)
           "contact_name": "...",  # contact name, needed for taginfo maintainer (required)
           "contact_email": "..."  # contact email, needed for taginfo maintainer (required)
       "tags": [
       "key": "...",          # OSM tag key (required)
       "value": "...",        # OSM tag value (optional, if not supplied it means "all values")
       "object_types": [...], # OSM object types this key/tag can be used for (optional, see below)
       "description": "...",  # how the key/tag is used in this project (optional)
       "doc_url": "...",      # link to further documentation of the project about this specific key/tag (optional)
       "icon_url": "..."      # URL of an icon, should work in 16x16 pixels on white and light gray backgrounds (optional)

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