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Importing House Number information and type of usage from shawnee county.

The latest version of the code is being used to only import the zipcode, house number and street name. The data is applied to a point or building that is manually positioned on the main building. Tagging is added based on the lbcs data.

Code is here : https://github.com/h4ck3rm1k3/shawnee-county-osm-landuse

The added tags are  :

High level codes

  • lbcs:activity:code
  • lbcs:activity:name


Low level codes :

  • lbcs:function:code
  • lbcs:function:name


DIRECTIVE #11-044 - Kansas Department of Revenue www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/dir11-044.pdf

The license of the data is permissive, only factual data is imported. The boundies are not imported, and the ones imported are being replaced with the traced buildings.

see here for information: http://www.snco.us/Ap/B_prop/Disclaimer.shtm