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This is a page to describe the state of the Kansas state highway system in OSM.

Currently most state highways are untouched TIGER data. They are typically tagged as highway=secondary and have "State Highway XX" in one or more name or tiger:name_base tags.

Problems with the existing TIGER data

  • Gaps when highways go through cities and towns
  • Gaps when highways change direction for a few miles. Ways in the gap are typically tagged as residential roads without the "State Highway XX" name tags.
  • Overshooting. When a highway makes a turn, the way is often not split at the turn and keeps going for a few miles.
  • Non-routable county borders. Ways are always split at county borders and usually do not form an intersection as they should so that routes can be calculated.

How to map

The Kansas Department of Transportation has maps available online (they are public domain) which can be used as a reference. They can be found at http://www.ksdot.org/maps.asp. The "Official State Maps" section has a general map of the entire state. There are also more detailed maps under "Counties" and "Cities" which can help determine the exact route a highway takes through a given area. Specific things to do while creating a highway relation:

  • Most of the ways for a given highway can be downloaded from the XAPI by querying the following tags for "State Highway XX": name, name_1, name_2, tiger:name_base, tiger_name_base_1 using the bounding box on the Kansas page.
  • Add "ref=KS xx" tags to member ways. This is technically not required but it is the only way to get any kind of shield rendered right now. Once renderers support route relations these will no longer be needed. Yes, this is "tagging for the renderer" which is generally discouraged. If the way is part of multiple routes, separate them with a semicolon like "US 73;KS 20"
  • Most state highways will already be tagged as highway=secondary. In general this is correct but specific local conditions might warrant an up/downgrade in some instances.
  • Remove the "State Highway XX" name tags as these are now superfluous.
  • KDOT city/county maps can help fill in gaps. This may involve splitting existing ways and retagging sections as highway=secondary.
  • Fix overshooting by splitting the way at the turn. On the overshoot section, replace highway=secondary with a more appropriate tag (usually residential) and remove any "State Highway XX" tags.
  • County borders can be tricky. If it is a simple case of abutting ways, just merge the nodes to form a routable junction. Things are often complicated by duplicate ways running along county borders. When just working on highway relations it is acceptable to tag the duplicate ways with FIXME tags, merge the nodes affecting the highway and move on. If you are feeling ambitious you can delete one of the duplicate ways and then make sure all the intersecting ways are joined to the remaining one.

The goal is to have routable ways, all joined into relations describing the state highways.

Tags to use on new relations

Key Value Explanation
type route Required. Describes what type or relation this is
route road Required. Indicates that this is a road network for cars
network US:KS Required. Indicates that this is a signed, numbered route designated by the state of Kansas
ref xx Required. The route number as posted on signs. e.g. "16" or "9"
symbol url Optional. URL to an SVG image of the route shield. Wikipedia has a nice collection, all linked from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Kansas_numbered_highways
name KS xx Optional. A name for the relation. This just makes it clearer to see what this relation is when browsing and viewing lists of relations in editors.

List of highways and their status

Highway Status Existing Relation
KS 1 Complete relation 1567525
KS 2 Complete relation 1575424
KS 3 Complete relation 1575627
KS 4 Complete relation 1575841
KS 5 Complete relation 374606
KS 7 Complete relation 94008
KS 8 (north) Complete relation 1578059
KS 8 (south) Complete relation 1578058
KS 9 Complete relation 1333225
KS 10 Complete relation 197191
KS 13 Complete relation 1582257
KS 14 Complete relation 1331059
KS 15 Complete relation 404201
KS 16 Complete relation 1163751
KS 17 Complete relation 1582267
KS 18 Complete relation 1067510
KS 19 Complete relation 1583384
KS 20 Complete relation 1165303
KS 22 Complete relation 1333226
KS 23 Complete relation 1584485
KS 25 Complete relation 1586494
KS 26 Complete relation 1586544
KS 27 Complete relation 1586820
KS 28 Complete relation 1331057
KS 30 Complete relation 1586822
KS 31 Complete relation 1609252
KS 33 Complete relation 2092639
KS 34 Complete relation 9053757
KS 39 Complete relation 1700905
KS 58 Complete relation 1165214
KS 60 Complete relation 1781627
KS 62 Complete relation 1807070
KS 66 Complete relation 1796821
KS 67 Complete relation 1780219
KS 68 Complete relation 2092640
KS 71 Complete relation 1807033
KS 79 Complete relation 1807089
KS 80 Complete relation 1115998
KS 82 Complete relation 1904083
KS 84 Complete relation 1759603
KS 85 Complete relation 1759604
KS 87 Complete relation 3073789
KS 88 Complete relation 3073790
KS 92 Complete relation 1165274
KS 95 Complete relation 2273618
KS 96 Complete relation 1628103
KS 99 Complete relation 413305
KS 101 Complete relation 1807322
KS 104 Complete relation 2890792
KS 105 Complete relation 1807241
KS 112 Complete relation 1781621
KS 113 Complete relation 1029438
KS 114 Complete relation 1076513
KS 115 Complete relation 1805307
KS 117 Complete relation 1778353
KS 119 Complete relation 3058341
KS 120 Complete relation 1584395
KS 121 Complete relation 1781622
KS 123 Complete relation 1584484
KS 128 Complete relation 1331056
KS 134 Complete relation 1807346
KS 139 Complete relation 1783147
KS 141 Complete relation 1514561
KS 147 Complete relation 2281179
KS 148 Complete relation 1331055
KS 150 Complete relation 1719062
KS 152 Complete relation 2093535
KS 156 Complete relation 1731023
KS 161 Complete relation 1778354
KS 167 Complete relation 1628104
KS 171 (East) Complete relation 276210
KS 171 (West) Complete relation 1582255
KS 173 Complete relation 1578308
KS 177 Complete relation 413444
KS 178 Complete relation 1807038
KS 181 Complete relation 1903564
KS 184 Complete relation 2273613
KS 182 Complete relation 1781623
KS 186 Complete relation 1759614
KS 187 Complete relation 1807042
KS 188 Complete relation 1759615
KS 191 Complete relation 1903565
KS 192 Complete relation 2027218
KS 198 Complete relation 2273614
KS 199 Complete relation 1781624
KS 201 Complete relation 1847152
KS 202 Complete relation 1847176
KS 204 Complete relation 1781625
KS 211 Complete relation 2273615
KS 214 Complete relation 1627021
KS 216 Complete relation 2273616
KS 217 Complete relation 1586821
KS 219 Complete relation 2281180
KS 223 Complete relation 1584483
KS 233 Complete relation 2923443
KS 234 Complete relation 2922784
KS 236 Complete relation 1807032
KS 243 Complete relation 2922785
KS 247 Complete relation 2281181
KS 248 Complete relation 1781629
KS 249 Complete relation 1165215
KS 253 Complete relation 2273617
KS 254 Complete relation 2526409
KS 256 Complete relation 1719063
KS 258 Complete relation 1759602
KS 261 Complete relation 1780217
KS 264 Complete relation 2281182
KS 266 Complete relation 1781626
KS 267 Complete relation 1762425
KS 268 Complete relation 2092638
KS 274 Complete relation 2281183
KS 276 Complete relation 1807225
KS 383 Complete relation 1780218