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This is a page for the orga team of the first mapping party in Karlsruhe. If you are new to this, you'll want to go to this page: Karlsruhe Mapping Party/Deutsch.

Diese Seite ist für das Orga-Team der ersten Mapping Party in Karlsruhe. Wenn Du einfach nur teilnehmen willst, dann gehe bitte zu dieser Seite: Karlsruhe Mapping Party/Deutsch.


The following things should be prepared for the weekend:

  • GPS-Devices to rent (we at least get one from MTvB)
  • Recent state as SVG & Garmin IMG files
  • Recent state as ready to use img file for Garmin devices (ce)
  • Recent state as large printed map?
  • Power supplies (multiple outlets; ce)
  • Switches and CAT5 cables?
  • Printer for ad hoc printing?
  • Short printed mapping guide for newcomers (»park benches don't need to be mapped« ;-)?
  • Drinks?
  • Preconfigured package containing
    • josm.jar
    • ~/.josm
    • Bookmarks
  • Defining "Arbeitspakete" for the individual mappers
  • Scanner to scan passports of people who rent hardware


  • We should ensure that people leave us their tracks, so we can create a progress map
  • All data collected should get edited right at the weekend
  • Mappers should be urged to map systematically. Either all post boxes or none, but not only some. Either all footways or none, not only some etc.
  • While we have the planet dump of wednesday, we should fetch Karlsruhe on saturday evening to create an incremental map