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Kartdagarna (map days) is an annual Swedish cartographic conference, organized by Kartografiska Sällskapet (Swedish cartographic society) in collaboration with Utvecklingsrådet för Landskapsinformation (ULI, an interest/standardization group) and MBK-leverantörernas Intresseförening (an industry trade group). It is held in the spring in Jönköping in south-central Sweden, at the Elmia exhibition halls.

Kartdagarna 2009 are held on March 25th to 27th. There's also a technology part of the conference put aside for technology where GIS and stuff is being shown.

Map of the year competition

There is a competetion for the best map of the year, I've seen some of the entries and competition is pretty stiff. But it would be fun to have something there.


25th: emj will help build boot

People attending


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