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Import building and address data for the city of Kenmore, WA


  • Planning: Summer 2019
  • Import/QA: Fall 2019

Import Data


Data source site: King Co GIS!AqWv0F0N63JkgmouRMBXEnQwjgdf

Data license: Address data from King County is Public Domain due to WA state law. King County address data has been used in multiple imports including South King County Import. Microsoft Building data is ODBL.

Import Type

This will be a one time import.

Data uploaded under the user System-users-3.svgpatricknoll_import (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.).

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Data that is already in OSM will be kept unless import data is more accurate or adds to current data.

Tagging Plans

All buildings as building=yes

Address attributes of housenumber, street, city and zip for all addresses. Unit will be added where applicable.

See ogr2osm translation files for details.

Changeset Tags

Edits will be marked with source = King County GIS

Data Transformation

  1. Use osm2pgsql to put buildings in postgres
  2. Use postgis to trim building data, then hand trim to Kenmore boundary
  3. add building=yes tag to all ways in JOSM
  4. Convert addresses from shp to osm using ogr2osm
  5. Pull address file into JOSM and hand trim to Kenmore boundary

Data Transformation Results

OSM xml files in /scripts/osm folder of import repository

Data Merge Workflow


Data will be checked using the following:

  • Local Knowledge
  • Bing Sat view for alignment Mapbox Satellite View/Maxar for existence
  • Existing OSM Data


Initial Translation

  1. Done in data transformation section


  1. Check sat view and existing data to ensure data is reasonable
  2. Crop file to upload all buildings and addresses with no conflicting OSM data
  3. Commit changes
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 with next OSM xml file
  5. Conflate import data and existing OSM data using JOSM conflation
  6. Second QA pass using data downloaded from OSM


Buildings with one address will have address added to building. Buildings with multiple addresses will not be combined.


Data will be checked for:

  • overlapping buildings
  • out of date buildings
  • redundant addresses