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A unique code to identify municipalities in Mexico Edit or translate this description.
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For reference purposes MUNID is a unique code to identify municipalities* in Mexico, it's composed of the following fields from INEGI datasets: CVE_ENT CVE_MUN

Both codes from INEGI datasets are concatenated to create the MUNID used in OSM, the purpose of this is to simplifying referencing back to INEGI data when it comes for future updates of OSM data from INEGI data, which are planned by the INEGI itself.


For example:

Municipality: Ensenada CVE_ENT= 02 CVE_MUN= 001

Would have a MUNID=02001

Since there are 2457 Municipalities in Mexico there should be 2457 unique values to reference each municipality back to it's source in INEGI data or any Mexican government issued data that is georeferenced.

  • Delegations in Mexico City are treated just like any other municipality so the same principle for their MUNID code remains even if they are officially named delgations not municipalities.