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A name in Limburgish. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: names
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Status: de facto

A name in  Limburgish (Lèmburgs; also Limburgan, Limburger (English), Limburgs (Dutch), Limburgisch (German), and Limbourgeois (French)), a regional language spoken in the Limburg provinces of Belgium and the Netherlands, and a small part of Germany.

This tag is useful when an entity has names specified in more than one language:

  • If name=* is in Limburgish too then name:li=* specifies that this is (also) Limburgish.
  • If name=* is in a different language then name:li=* specifies an alternate name in Limburgish.

See the general documentation of multilingual names in the Netherlands for examples and usage guidelines.

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  • ISO 639-1 where language code used in this tag is defined