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National Highway System Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: highways
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Several countries have a defined National Highway System network that is independent of numbered routes. The tag is currently used in the United States and Canada.


  • NHS=yes - normal value to indicate that the road is on the NHS, and is not an Interstate or STRAHNET route in the U.S.

United States subsets

  • NHS=STRAHNET - Describes non-interstate STRAHNET routes, representing the most important non-Interstate NHS corridors.
  • NHS=STRAHNET_(connector) - A connector road from a STRAHNET route to a military installation or port.
  • NHS=Interstate - Used on Interstate highways.
  • NHS=Intermodal - Intermodal connectors.
  • NHS=Intermodal;STRAHNET_(connector) - Technically a two-value key but considered its own NHS subset.
  • NHS=MAP-21 - A MAP-21 Principal Arterial.

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