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Public-images-osm logo.svg addr:state
The state indicated in the address. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: addresses
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)use on relations unspecified
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Status: de facto

This key is for the state indicated in the address of a feature. It is only applicable in countries that conventionally indicate a state in an address; many other countries use addr:province=* or addr:region=* instead. Depending on the country, it is set to either a full name or an abbreviation.

Regional variations

United States

In the United States, this key is set to the state's two-letter USPS abbreviation, such as ME for Maine. It should correspond to the state where the post office that serves the address is located. For example, a feature in Indiana near the border with Ohio would be tagged addr:state=OH if the address's ZIP code is served by a post office across the border in Ohio. An address in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and U.S. territories is also tagged addr:state=* even though it is not technically inside a state.

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