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To indicate the main function of a military base or facility
Group: military
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)should not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
Useful combination
Status: undefined

The key base_function=* may be used to indicate the main function of a military base or facility e.g. whether it houses Operational units, a Headquarters, a Training facility, or a Logistics area. It would be added to military=base.

The same tagging should be used regardless of whether the facility is for Regular, full-time forces, or part-time, volunteer Reserve forces. Where multiple services use the same facility, and the name of the facility does not make clear which service runs it, the tag should be designated to the largest service using that facility, for example an Operational base that also houses a Training School would be shown as base_function=operational.

This tag may also be used for facilities operated by armed Coast Guards, i.e. the military / para-military force intended for protection of a country's coastal waters against enemy military forces, as well as civil threats such as smugglers, terrorists etc.

It also applies to stand-alone military buildings such as recruitment offices.

How to map

Add base_function=* to a feature which is tagged with military=base.


This suggested values below are not exhaustive and may not apply to all countries. .

Type Tag Role Notes Status
Operational base_function=operational A base that houses "fighting" forces i.e. actual combat units of either land, naval or air-forces.
Headquarters base_function=headquarters A Command Centre only that usually doesn't have operational troops posted to it (beyond MPs & Staff) e.g. The Pentagon.
Logistics base_function=logistics A depot or base area that houses bulk stores, supplies & / or transport units
Training base_function=training A military training school / establishment. N.B. This is different to a military=training_area in that a training-area is usually intended for field training exercises, while a training school concentrates on classroom training.
Hospital base_function=hospital A military hospital.

Related keys

military_service=* indicates the nature of the military force with a generic country-independent value.

The specific name of the actual military force or relevant subdivision can be tagged with operator=*.

The specific military activities conducted at this site can be described with military=*.