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Block2-63ob 3.JPG
Nomenclature of prefabricated buildings. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: buildings
Used on these elements
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Status: in use

The building:design tag is used for mapping the nomenclature according to which a building was built. It's most commonly used on prefabricated apartment buildings (also known as plattenbau) in post-Soviet countries.

Possible values per country


Meaning of the names

Experimental nomenclatures took their names from the neighbourhood or city in whose territory the experiment was conducted. Nomenclatures developed after the experimental stage are denoted by signatures that carry certain information. The main elements that make up most signatures have the following meanings:

  • first letter - type of building (Б - residential buildings in a skeletonless large-panel system, О - dormitories in a skeletonless large-panel system)
  • second letter - areas for which the buildings are intended (с - for seismic areas, н - for non-seismic areas)
  • number in Roman numerals - maximum number of storeys
  • two-digit number in Arabic numerals - year of development
  • 2 letters - company-developer (Сф - "Sofproekt", Гл - "Glavproekt") or city for which the nomenclature is intended (Вн - Varna, Рс - Ruse, etc.)
Tagging Statistics (Taginfo) Sample Photo Alternative names
building:design=Бс-2-63 Block2-63ob 3.JPG
building:design=Бс-VIII-Сф BlockBsVIIISf1.JPG Бс-VI-VIII-4-64-Сф
building:design=Бс-2-64 Block2-64 rear.JPG 2 – 64 „Земляне“
building:design=Ос-68-Гл BlockOs-68-Gl 3.JPG
building:design=Бс-2-69 Block2-69 2.JPG 2-69 „Земляне“ and Бс-VIII-НипроИТИС-69
building:design=Бс-69-Сф Едропанелна жилищна сграда по номенклатура Бс-69-Сф, построена преди 1977 г. Секция 222, предна фасада.jpg
building:design=Бс-69-УД Едропанелна жилищна сграда по номенклатура Бс-69-Сф-УД. Секция 3112, предна фасада.jpg
building:design=Бс-69-Сф-УД-83 Блок59 2006.jpg


Tagging Statistics (Taginfo) Alternative names
building:design=WBS 70
building:design=IW64 Typ Brandenburg



Tagging Statistics (Taginfo) Alternative names