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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Hawkeyes
Tagging: common_good_land=yes
Applies to: Area, Way, Node
Definition: Land belonging to the legally constituted Common Good in Scotland
Drafted on: 2011-10-20

Good Common Land

Common Good land records landuse for instance building=* or leisure=park which belongs to the Common Good as legally defined in Scotland. This land is held by the public (local council) in trust and perpetuity. This tag should only be used where land has been confirmed to belong to the Common Good. This can usually be obtained from the local council.


S2W-29685 - Campbell Martin (West of Scotland) (Ind) (Date Lodged 8 November 2006) : To ask the Scottish Executive what constitutes a common good asset and how such assets differ from property or land owned by a local authority.

Answered by Mr Tom McCabe (17 November 2006): The Common Good originated as revenues from properties belonging to the early Burghs of Scotland. The Common Good, as these revenues were then termed, is of great antiquity and there is no equivalent in English local government although the term remains current in Scotland. Essentially, the Common Good denoted all property of a Burgh not acquired under statutory powers or held under special trusts.


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