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Public-images-osm logo.svg disused:railway
Disused railtrack 101 5351.jpg
A section of railway which is no longer used but where the track and infrastructure remain in place. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Railways
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A railway feature which is no longer used but where the track or other infrastructure remain in place.

Also see the more common tag railway=disused for disused railway tracks.

How to map?

Stations and halts

Add the tag disused:railway=station to a node or area for a disused station, or the tag disused:railway=halt for a disused halt. The prefix disused:=* is used because the feature is no longer function as a station or halt.

Disused rail tracks

  • Some mappers use disused:railway=rail/light_rail/subway/tram for the tracks of a disused railway.

However, the tag railway=disused is significantly more common for this feature

As of mid-2019 the tag railway=disused is about 5 times more common than disused:railway=* on ways, and in the past year twice as many railway=disused features have been added to the database.

Common values

Railway tracks:

Other infrastructure:


See also

  • railway=disused - more common tag for disused railway tracks
  • railway=abandoned - common tag for abandoned railways, where the tracks have been removed but other traces remain
  • abandoned:railway=* - for abandoned railway stations, halts and possibly tracks, which are in disrepair