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Public-images-osm logo.svg dominant_taxon
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Describes the dominant plant taxon (species, genus, family) for a natural or landuse feature Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: properties
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)use on relations unspecified
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Status: in use

Used for tagging natural, landuse and landcover features where it is possible to identify a single plant or plant taxon which represents the bulk of the biomass of the feature. Often this is easier than trying to assign a physiological classification, which often requires specialist knowledge and detailed survey. It is therefore an early step towards adding tags such as plant_community=* and habitat=*, which have both proved difficult to survey reliably.

This key uses the same semantics as taxon=*. In principle there is no reason why similar keys dominant_species and dominant_genus could be used in the same way. As for taxon, the idea is that a single generic key value can handle a range of levels of detail: for instance [W] Dipterocarp forests in SE Asia can be tagged dominant_taxon=Dipterocarpaceae, pine woodland dominant_taxon=Pinus and typical [W] Gorse scrub can be tagged dominant_taxon=Ulex europeaus/

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