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Specifies whether a shop, store or business offers duty-free shopping or some kind of refund assistance. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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The key duty_free specifies whether a shop offers typical duty-free properties (lower or different prices) or if it offers further assistance on getting a tax refund.

When talking about duty-freeness, this article uses "traveler" as a term for people exporting goods out of a customs jurisdiction.

Don't use shop=duty_free to tag shops offering duty-free services.


The very basic idea:

  • A traveler doesn't pay any taxes? → duty_free=yes
  • A traveler pays taxes but the shop helps to get it back? → duty_free=refund + duty_free:refund:* tags
  • A traveler pays taxes but the shop doesn't help to get it back? → duty_free=no (probably default case and should then not be tagged)

There are some special cases (e.g. different prices for domestic customers and travelers) so here's the table of values:

Key Value Description
duty_free yes A retail outlet with duty_free=yes sells goods to travelers without duties/taxes (usually called "duty-free shops" in international zones at e.g. airports). Domestic customers may also be allowed to buy here but have to pay normal taxes/duties.
duty_free refund In shops with duty_free=refund everybody pays normal prices (which includes taxes/duties) but there are services (prepared forms or membership in tax refund organisations) for a tax-exemptation.

See further refund-related tags below.

duty_free no In shops with duty_free=no everybody pays normal prices (which includes taxes/duties) and this shop does not provide additional services (prepared forms, memberships in organisations, etc.) for a tax exemption.

This value should not be used (as it's probably the default case for most shops) unless in cases where a shop used to be / is expected to be a duty-free shop (e.g. a non-duty-free shop an airport might rather be unexpexted).

Refund tagging

Some shops may offer additional services/assistance regarding tax refund. They provide additional receipts, pre-filled forms or memberships in tax-refund systems. The values for the tags below are yes and no.

Key Value Description
duty_free:refund:general_assistance yes A shop offers prepared forms or leaflets to help travelers get their taxes back.

Using the value no does not mean that there's no assistance at all, it just means that this shop does not provide general assistance (e.g. pre-filled forms for the customs). However this shop can be a member of any refund system listed below. When using the value no, please specify further information using the tags below.

duty_free:refund:global_blue yes Member of "Global Blue".
duty_free:refund:premier_tax_free yes Member of "Premier tax free".
duty_free:refund:gb_tax_free yes Member of "GB Tax Free".
duty_free:refund:easy_tax_free yes Mamber of "Easy Tax Free"
duty_free:refund:tax_free_easy yes Member of "Tax Free Easy" (not to be confused with the above "Easy Tax Free"!).
duty_free:refund:planet_payment yes Member of "Planet Payment".

There are probably a lot more companies, feel free to contact the tagging-mailinglist.

Tagging examples

  1. A shop is a "duty-free" shop at an airport, is no member of any organisation (s. keys above) and simply has different prices for domestic customers and travelers. This would be tagged with duty_free=yes.
  2. A shop in a city mall is a member of "Global Blue" as only option for refund assistance. This would be tagged with duty_free=refund and duty_free:refund:global_blue=yes. The tag duty_free=yes is wrong because everybody pay taxes here (but there is assistance for a refund).
  3. A small fashion store in a village not offering any tax refund assistance. As this is the default situation in most shops, no tag should be used here. If somebody insists on tagging this, the tag duty_free=no would be correct here.

See also

  • shop=* - A place selling retail products or services
  • payment=* - Defines if a certain payment method is accepted or not