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The estimated height of a feature Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
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The estimated height of an element.


Example 1 : Object estimation method by satellite imagery on JOSM for North Korea

Step 1 : Find an object

Find an object for which the height is known, for this exemple : the height of Mirae Unha Tower is described at d:Q25389789#P2048.

Step 2 : Measure

Measure the height of the same building on the desired imagery. To measure the height on the imagery draw a line from the base of the building to the roof and observe the distance indicated on JOSM (bottom left).

Step 3 : Ratio

Make a ratio between :

  • the real size of the building and
  • the distance indicated on your measurement in step 2.

Step 4 : Use the ratio

Use the ratio to find out the size of the desired building.

Video of this example

Video explaining the technique on an satellite imagery in North Korea