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How to map

Add the following tags to amenity=fuel, railway=fuel, waterway=fuel, aeroway=fuel, shop=fuel, substance=fuel to describe which fuels are available at that site. The octane rating system used is the RON system, except in the United States.

The tags are also used for amenity=bbq and man_made=kiln to describe the fuels used with the installed infrastructure.

Sub type Tagging Remark
BBQ amenity=bbq
Wood fuel=wood Wood as a heat source
Electric fuel=electric Electric as a heat source
Charcoal fuel=charcoal Charcoal as a heat source
Diesel fuel:diesel=yes Called "nafta" in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and "bencina" in Chile.
GTL diesel fuel:GTL_diesel=yes High quality partly synthetic diesel 'Gas To Liquid': "ultimate diesel", "V-Power diesel", etc.
HGV diesel fuel:HGV_diesel=yes High output pumps with a bigger nozzle that won't fit a motorcar tank
Bio diesel fuel:biodiesel=yes
Untaxed diesel fuel:taxfree_diesel=yes Diesel fuel with few or no taxes, typically for agricultural, construction, or other off-road use. May be known by names such as agricultural diesel, off-road fuel, red diesel (from the dye used to mark it as untaxed), etc.
Octane levels
Octane 80 fuel:octane_80=yes
Octane 85 fuel:octane_85=yes
Octane 87 fuel:octane_87=yes Called "Magna" at Mexico
Octane 89 fuel:octane_89=yes
Octane 91 fuel:octane_91=yes
Octane 92 fuel:octane_92=yes
Octane 93 fuel:octane_93=yes
Octane 95 fuel:octane_95=yes it:"Benzina Verde"
Octane 98 fuel:octane_98=yes Also advertised as "Ultimate Super" (BP), etc.
Octane 100 fuel:octane_100=yes Also advertised as "MaxxMotion Super 100plus" (OMV), etc.
1:25 fuel:1_25=yes
1:50 fuel:1_50=yes
Ethanol fuel:ethanol=yes =fuel:alcohol=yes
Methanol fuel:methanol=yes
SVO fuel:svo=yes Straight vegetable oil; de:Pflanzenöl/POEL/PÖL
E10 fuel:e10=yes DE: Super Benzin mit 10% Bioethanol
E20 fuel:e20=yes 20% ethanol content gasoline mix. Often referred to as Gasohol E20.
E85 fuel:e85=yes 85% ethanol/15% gasoline for flexi-fuel cars in USA and Europe. Popular in Sweden.
Biogas fuel:biogas=yes "SunGas(r)"
LPG fuel:lpg=yes de:Autogas, fr:GPL, Propane, it:GPL
CNG (compressed natural gas) fuel:cng=yes de:Erdgas, pt-BR:GNV, it:Metano
Liquid hydrogen fuel:LH2=yes Liquid H2
Aviation Fuel at aeroway=fuel
91UL (clear) fuel:91UL=yes 91 octane unleaded aviation gas
100LL (blue) fuel:100LL=yes 100 octane leaded aviation gas
autogas fuel:autogas=yes Ethanol free unleaded gas suitable for cars or planes
Jet A-1 fuel:JetA1=yes Jet A-1 fuel for gas-turbine and diesel powered planes
Standalone amenity=charging_station
Car recharge sign in Reykyavik
AdBlue/AUS32 fuel:adblue=yes 32.5% aqueous urea solution, widely known as AdBlue®. Used by modern trucks and some motorcars. pt-BR: ARLA 32

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.

United States

AKI octane ratings on an American gas pump

Unleaded fuel in the United States is marketed as "regular", "mid-grade" or "plus", and "premium", both on monument signage and at the pump. However, if possible, you should tag a more specific octane rating (as fuel:octane_*=yes) instead of the grade. The octane rating for each grade is labeled on the pump next to the nozzle, usually on a bright yellow square. Some states mandate minimum octane ratings, but the actual octane rating being sold may be higher.

Despite the stated preference for RON octane ratings globally above, U.S. gas stations are almost exclusively tagged with AKI octane ratings, as of July 2019. (It is much more likely that about premium fuel has been identified at about a thousand gas stations than at about 300, and it is unlikely that substandard fuel has been identified at 1,200 gas stations.)

RON octane ratings should not be tagged on U.S. gas stations because they are unverifiable: RON ratings are never posted in the U.S., and there is no one-to-one correspondence between the two formulas.

Tag Prevalence in OSM (July 2019) Grade if interpreted as AKI Grade if interpreted as RON
fuel:octane_85=* 42 Subregular/substandard in 3 states
Regular in 4 states
fuel:octane_86=* 4 Subregular/economy in 4 states
Regular in 6 states
fuel:octane_87=* 700 Regular in 33 states
Mid-grade in 1 state
fuel:octane_88=* 8 Regular in 30 states
Mid-grade in 4 states
fuel:octane_89=* 420 Regular in 3 states
Mid-grade in 31 states
fuel:octane_90=* 4 Regular in 3 states
Mid-grade in 31 states
Premium in 1 state
fuel:octane_91=* 655 Regular in 2 states
Mid-grade in 16 states
Premium in 17 states
Regular in ≈33 states
Mid-grade in ≈1 state
fuel:octane_92=* 198 Regular in 2 states
Mid-grade in 13 states
Premium in 20 states
Regular in ≈33 states
Mid-grade in ≈1 state
fuel:octane_93=* 198 Regular in 2 states
Premium in 33 states
fuel:octane_94=* 3 Regular in 2 states
Premium in 33 states
fuel:octane_95=* 286 High-octane
fuel:octane_96=* 0 High-octane
fuel:octane_97=* 6 High-octane Regular in ≈2 states
Mid-grade in ≈13 states
Premium in ≈20 states
fuel:octane_98=* 246 High-octane
fuel:octane_99=* 0 High-octane
fuel:octane_100=* 25 High-octane Regular in 2 states
Premium in 33 states

E85 gasoline (with an octane rating of 94–96) should be tagged fuel:e85=yes.