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Public-images-osm logo.svg glacier:part
Hoher Weißzint von Westen.JPG
To mark part of glacier, which has attributes, different from such ones at other parts
Group: Natural
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The tag glacier:part=* describes a part of a glacier where some attributes are different from the rest of the glacier. Polygons with glacier:part=* should either be within a separate natural=glacier area representing the entire glacier or - in case of the Antarctic - within the implicitly mapped ice sheet. The purpose of this tag is similar to that of building:part=*.

How to map


To map a small part of a glacier with distinct properties you can just draw a line closing on itself along the outline of the area and tag it glacier:part=*. To map large glaciers you can use Relation:multipolygon with the same tag.

Outside the Antarctic the glacier:part=* polygon should be located within a polygon representing the glacier as a whole tagged natural=glacier.


glacier:part=* values
Tag Possible rendering Description Picture Taginfo
glacier:part=blue_ice Part of a glacier or icesheet without snow cover due to ablation exceeding precipitation but without substantial ice melt. Common occurrence on the antarctic ice sheet, not for mountain glaciers. See  Blue-ice area Miller Range, Antarctica - Meteorite (2).jpg
glacier:part=moraine Part of a glacier or icesheet covered by scree from rockfall from surrounding rock faces, which is transported with the moving glacier, often in form of a medial moraine. See  Moraine. Useful combinations are geological=moraine and surface=scree. Glacier.zermatt.arp.750pix.jpg
glacier:part=icefall Steep and strongly crevassed section of a glacier. See  Icefall Roosevelt Glacier 6940.JPG
glacier:part=crevassed General crevassed section of a glacier without the crevasses individually being mapped with natural=crevasse Chevron Crevasses 00.JPG
glacier:part=yes Unspecified glacier part with properties defined by other tags

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