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International reference number or code on roads, highway exits, routes, etc. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: references
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodesmay be used on waysshould not be used on areasshould not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
Status: de facto

"int_ref" stands for "international reference" and is used for international reference numbers or codes.

Road networks

The int_ref=* tag is not needed on roads where the ref=* tag is the same as the international reference.

E-road network (Europe/Eurasia)

The reference format is E followed by a space followed by up to 3 digits.


A list of all the E-routes can be found on  International E-road network; be aware, that writing in en-WP is not according to the definition of the e-roads which is with a space. Please only use a leading zero if it is used on physical signs in the relevant country, otherwise references on maps and in navigators will be inaccurate.

Trans-African Highway network

The reference format is TAH followed by a space followed by digits. Example: int_ref=TAH 1

A list of all the TAH-routes can be found on  Trans-African Highway network.

Asian Highway Network

The reference format is AH followed by digits. Example: int_ref=AH1

A list of all the AH-routes can be found on  Asian Highway Network.

Waterway networks

E-waterway network (Europe/Eurasia)

Please use relations for international routes.

The format is "E" followed by a space, followed by a 2-digit number, e.g. int_ref=E 10

A list of E-Waterway-Relations can be found at WikiProject Europe/E-waterway network.

Relations of the international roads

International roads are mapped with relations relation of type=route. Add to the relation all the ways that correspond to the international road. Since there are usually many ways, they are divided into sections. E.g. for countries or only sections of them, so that a maximum of 500 members are included.

ref=E 30
name=E 30 Germany part 1


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