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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Shmias
Tagging: link:*=url
Applies to: node, way, area, relation
Definition: Connection to an entity in location based services or social networks

Rendered as: hidden on the map, but should be processed on like wikipedia=*
Drafted on: 2012-06-26
RFC start: 2012-06-26

We have a tag website=* for the main www link for a particular place/feature, generally for the "official" website. However some places are listed on a 3rd party websites e.g. facebook. Indeed some clubs publish their events only on facebook for example. Independently of what we might think about this policy: There is no Database that connects for example places between foursquare, facebook, google and quipe each other. This information could be extremely helpful for developers. And this is where osm could be a very beneficial and independent service in the center.

The key prefix link: is not final. please suggest replacements. also if the value should be an url or rather an ID.

Please suggest more services.

In the wild

Tried that here: node 905883257


I added The ID would be 325001280021


I added The ID would be 4adcda7af964a520e84621e3


I added google offers something like this: the place id can be found in the vid variable. in this case its 5578006937933615850.


I added the id would be 645

URLs or IDs??

IDs would be easier to use for developers but more difficult to enter. some platforms just won't tell you the ID^^

by using IDs this place would look like this:


on the other hand. all the examples above can be extracted from the url. so users could enter urls and a bot could extract the IDs later. then must convert these IDs back to links.


Please add your comments on the discussion page.


Voting is not started, yet. READ DISCUSSION BEFORE VOTE!