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Maximum age for a person to enter or use a facility Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: restrictions
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)may be used on relations
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The key max_age=* is used when the visitors of an amenity must not be older than a maximum age. It tells you the maximum age allowed to enter or use a facility. It is the counterpart to min_age=*.


The age in years is used as value. If just a number is given, this will be interpreted as years. The dot (.) can be used as decimal mark.

If you want to express months or weeks, add " months" or " weeks" to the numeric value (singular for 1 week or month, plural otherwise). If necessary, years, months and weeks can be combined. If years are combined with months and/or weeks, please append " years" to the number of years.



Until July 2014 the two keys max_age=* and maxage=* coexisted. Both had a wiki-page with similar descriptions.

After a discussion on the @tagging mailinglist these were merged into max_age=*, especially for better readability (-age is a common suffix, so similar words – like milage, mirage or menage – exist, what makes it harder to read, particularly for non-native English speakers).

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  • max_age=* ‒ The "*" symbol indicates that a value should be inserted here.
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