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Public-images-osm logo.svg motorcycle:parking
Motorcycle parking.png
To indicate an accommodation or restaurant offers motorcycle parking Edit or translate this description.
Group: Parking
Used on these elements
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Useful combination
Status: proposed

motorcycle:parking=* - whether a parking belongs to an accommodation / amenity, usage similar to outdoor_seating=*.

Use the tag amenity=motorcycle_parking instead to identify a designated area for parking motorcycles.

How to map

Add the key motorcycle:parking=* to the corresponding tag

  • motorcycle:parking=yes
  • motorcycle:parking=garage
  • motorcycle:parking=covered
  • motorcycle:parking=enclosed_area (secure, but not a garage)

May apply to :

and other tags

Similar tags


Type Picture
Open air parking
Motorcycle parking area.jpg
Covered parking
Parking deutschnofen.jpg
Garage parking
Motorcycle garage.jpg

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