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The Wikidata entity ID of the subject commemorated in the name of an element. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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The name:etymology:wikidata=* key is a machine-readable form of name:etymology=*. It contains the ID of the Wikidata item for the feature's namesake, by analogy with wikidata=*, which contains the ID of the Wikidata item for the feature itself.


Main article: Key:name:etymology#Rationale

There are many people and many places that share the same name, making it difficult for a data consumer to do anything intelligent with name:etymology=* besides displaying it verbatim to the end user. With name:etymology:wikidata=*, a data consumer can reliably look up the Wikidata item to enrich the user interface with tangential information about the namesake that would be out of scope for OpenStreetMap, such as the occupations or demographics of namesakes in a community. A data consumer can use the Wikidata item to automatically transliterate a street name more accurately, since sometimes two identically spelled names may be transliterated differently based on their pronunciation.

How to map

Main article: Key:name:etymology#How to map

Set the name:etymology:wikidata=* key to a Wikidata item identifier, including the "Q" prefix. You may also use the name:etymology=* and name:etymology:wikipedia=* keys:

As with name:etymology=*, only use this tag if you are reasonably sure you know the specific namesake. Beware of false etymologies; don't assume you know the namesake just because you are familiar with the neighborhood.

Some features are notable enough in their own right to have their own Wikipedia articles and thus their own Wikidata items. The Wikidata QID representing the feature itself goes in wikidata=*.

Other datasets

The Wikidata item may also have its own 'named after' property (P138), which should match what's given for name:etymology:wikidata=* (except cases of Wikidata being wrong).

Implementation notes

Editors and data consumers may need to special-case this key and other subkeys of name=* that do not represent localized versions of the name=* key. [1]

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