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Public-images-osm logo.svg ncn_milepost
Sustrans milepost, Crayford Ness - - 195207.jpg
Describes a milepost on Sustrans's National Cycle Network. Edit or translate this description.
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There are many mileposts around the network, which can be tagged and are rendered on the cycle map. They come in one of four different types. Sustrans have provided a full list of mileposts and artwork and would like help in mapping them to their correct locations.

Tag Element Description Image
ncn_milepost=dudgeon node Dudgeon type milepost Sustrans milepost, Crayford Ness - - 195207.jpg
ncn_milepost=mccoll node McColl type milepost Sustrans milepost, Erith - - 753022.jpg
ncn_milepost=mills node Mills type milepost Sustrans milepost, Tripcock Ness - - 753063.jpg
ncn_milepost=rowe node Rowe type milepost Sustrans signpost, Ravenscar, Stainton Dale - - 249388.jpg

A list of mileposts obtained from Sustrans by User:Blackadder can be found at WikiProject United Kingdom Sustrans Mileposts.