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Use generator:source instead. Edit or translate this description.
Used on these elements
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Status: deprecated


This tag is used with power=generator to specify the source of the power generated.

Suggested values:

man_made= power_fossil power_hydro power_nuclear power_wind
replaced by:
power= generator
burning energy water energy nuclear energy wind and sun energy


  • Bahnpirat-power source-biofuel.svg biofuel
  • Bahnpirat-power source-coal.svg coal
  • Bahnpirat-power source-gas.svg gas
  • Bahnpirat-power source-oil.svg oil
  • Bahnpirat-power source-waste.svg waste
  • hydro (river or lake)
  • tidal (near the coast)
  • wave (under the sea)
  • geothermal (warm water)
  • 2020 stBN powergensource nuclear.svg nuclear (fission)
  • fusion (not yet operative)
  • 2020 stBN powergensource wind.svg wind
  • 2020 stBN powergensource sun.svg solar (electricity or hot water by sun)
  • (others)

Please correct this table if you found any error and add missing values! If you want to specify the kind of solar panel or power plant, use power_type=*.

For example to tag nuclear power plant use:


The power_source=* deprecates man_made=power_wind, man_made=power_hydro, man_made=power_fossil and man_made=power_nuclear