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French Roman Catholic id of places of worship Edit or translate this description.
Group: References
URL pattern!lieu:$1
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysmay be used on areasmay be used on relations
Useful combination

amenity=place_of_worship + religion=christian + denomination=catholic

Status: imported

The key ref:FR:CEF (Conférence des Évêques de France) is used in France to identify catholic places of worship. It comes from the database of the (Roman) Catholic Church bishops (Conférence des Évêques de France). It is listed in the French external reference list.

The id was indicated in the website by clicking on the place of worship. Its usage seems now discontinued to be replaced by an human-readable url. But it is still possible to get directly a page by this url : where number is the ref:FR:CEF id.

The correct formatting was insee_nb where insee is the 5-digit Insee code for the commune, and nb is a 2-digit number. For example: 50353_01 is way the abbatial church of Le Mont-Saint-Michel.

It is therefore not possible anymore to add this tag for new buildings but it is useful to keep what is correctly tagged.

See User:FrViPofm/Place_of_worship