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To mark a shop, office or other building or place as a refuge for children Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Amenities
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Status: undefined

Indicates that a building or point of interest is a official refuge offering protection to persons in need. A refuge does not necessarily provide dedicated social services as an amenity=social_facility would. The tagged feature may be a simple shop, office, school, or fire station. A project for example is Notinsel in Germany.

Despite the name of this key, it is not intended for places where spiritual retreats take place (unless they happen to also serve as refuges). A retreat house might be considered an amenity=place_of_worship and the land around it landuse=religious.

How to tag

Add retreat=yes to the building or point of interest.

If the refuge is intended for a particular demographic group, add retreat:for=*:

Tag Description
retreat:for=child explicit for children (like Notinsel in Germany)

You could add an operator of the place, too. For this use the optional key retreat:operator=*.


The target of the project Notinsel (Wikipedia) from the foundation Hänsel+Gretel is to create a huge network of refuges for children. This refuges are simple shops, which already exist. With this key shops, like a bakery or supermarket, would be marked to be officialy in this project.

An bakery in Münster (Germany), which is a part of the Notinsel network:

Backhaus Jankord

A fire station in the United States that participates in the National Safe Place network:

retreat:operator=Safe Place

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