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Postbox-Royal Cypher-EVIIR.jpg
A monarch's initials or symbol. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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royal_cypher=* is for tagging the monarch's initials or symbol, which may be displayed on an object.

Use royal_cypher:wikidata=* for the Wikidata item for the cypher (not the monarch).

A  royal cypher is often used in the UK and other (former) Commonwealth countries. It is particularly common on post boxes (see amenity=post_box), and is sometimes seen on post offices, telephone exchanges and government buildings. The royal cypher usually gives an indication of when the postbox or building was built.

Values for UK and Commonwealth monarchs

Value Description Example picture Wikidata


VR Victoria (1837 to 1901)
Postbox-Royal Cypher-VR.jpg
EVIIR Edward VII (1901 to 1910)
Postbox-Royal Cypher-EVIIR.jpg
GR George V (1910 to 1936)
Postbox-Royal Cypher-GR.jpg
EVIIIR Edward VIII (1936)
Very few EVIIIR postboxes exist.
Postbox-Royal Cypher-EVIIIR.jpg
GVIR George VI (1936 to 1952)
Postbox-Royal Cypher-GVIR.jpg
EIIR Elizabeth II (1952 to 2022).
Note: usually not used on postboxes in Scotland, see scottish_crown below.
Postbox Royal Cypher-EIIR.jpg
CIIIR Charles III (2022 to present).
Note: usually not used on postboxes in Scotland, see scottish_crown below.
scottish_crown The Crown of Scotland.
Usually used instead of the sovereign's cypher for postboxes in Scotland - see w:Pillar Box War.
Scottish Crown.jpg
no no royal cypher visible on the object
"Anonymous" (Victorian) postbox, Tavistock Road - Tavistock Crescent, W11 - - 883214.jpg

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