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RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Essex, England - memorial bench.jpg
Number of seats on a bench Edit or translate this description.
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Number of seats on a bench. Almost always used with amenity=bench.

This number should be verifiable. This tag should only be used if the bench is separated into a specific number of individual seats, for example, by armrests. Do not use this tag if you are guessing how many people a bench could probably hold.

Other features, such as amenity=restaurant,tourism=alpine_hut, use the key capacity=* to state the maximum number of persons who can fit in the feature. For benches, seats=* is by far the most popular key for this purpose. (Taginfo shows 280,000 uses for bench seats compared to 2600 uses for bench capacity.)

This tag is also used rarely for other features to describe the number of seats (similar to capacity:seats=*) or the capacity of the feature (similar to capacity=*).