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Telescope Edit or translate this description.
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Status: de facto


Must be used together with man_made=telescope.

This tag is used to broadly categorise the spectrum that the telescope senses.


Optical Telescope dome-14.svg

Everything from infra red to ultra violet. This includes all the visible spectrum.

Radio Telescope dish-14.svg

Radio telescopes includes all kinds of antennas - dish, phased arrays, dipoles, helical etc.

Gamma Telescope dish-14.svg

Questionable Tags

Solar Telescope dome-14.svg

Solar telescopes, sometimes called heliograph or photoheliograph are a special kind of optical telescope for observing the sun. Should these be tagged as optical telescopes? They certain should have the same or similar symbol.

Possible Tagging errors


telescope:type=radar Telescopes are passive detectors, radar uses a pulse of power and detect the returning reflection.