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Toilet Type
Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Tagging: toilets:type=*

This key can be used to show the types of toilets. This is mostly useful for the developing world, rural areas, or outdoor recreation.

Suggested Use

toilets:type=flush Water toilets of typical western type.
toilets:type=pit Latrines and outhouses. Waste drops into a hole dug into the ground. Possible for some types of composting toilets?
toilets:type=chemical For chemical toilets. Port-a-potties ad the like. These are important features in work-sites, festivals, and refugee camps.
toilets:type=bucket Where waste is collected in a bucket of varying size. Waste is than removed and disposed of in another location, be it waste disposal system, water source, or compost pile.


For composting toilets, there can be many types: pit, bucket and flush (wikipedia:Blackwater_(waste)). Perhaps adding composting=yes to relevant objects?


This tag is obsolete, see toilets:disposal=*