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Whitewater Tags
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Ashimema
Tagging: whitewater:name=*
Applies to: node way
Definition: Deprecate proposed tags (from WikiProject Whitewater Maps);
Rendered as: OpenLayer, (much like OpenCycleMap)
Drafted on: 2009-12-29
RFC start: 2009-12-30
Vote start: 2010-01-15
Vote end: 2010-01-30


I wish to combine the not yet official tags, whitewater:rapid_name=* and whitewater:section_name=* to form a simpler whitewater:name=* Key. The Key should be used on both Nodes and Ways which make up the river. By combining these keys I feel you simplify mapping, and the task of updating the small number of tags already in use would be relatively simple using a bot.


A community of (Kayakers, Canoeists, and Whitewater Rafters) can already be found on this Wiki and have started tagging rivers for human powered navigation. Having a definitive tagging system for them would be beneficial.

Similar and Related Proposals can be found below;


Currently in use, but not agreed upon unanimously and not documented in full;

  • whitewater:name=* - Name of River Feature/Rapid (When used on a Node) or Section (When used on a Way).






An overall proposal regarding whitewater mapping can be found here. Please only comment upon this specific proposal here, and leave comments on the overall proposal there;