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Canoe Sport
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Kaspi
Tagging: canoe:type=*
Applies to: way
Definition: An extension of sport=canoe
Drafted on: 2009-04-21

This proposal is for a set of tags to describe spots for all sorts of canoing (kayak) disciplines.

The basic tag

This is already an approved tag.

Key Value Element Comment Example Icon
sport canoe node way area One can do canoing/kayaking here.  

The disciplines

There is a large variety of canoing disciplines, see e.g. [1]. For mapping purposes, it might be useful to distinguish (at least) among the basic ones, as in the following table.

Key Value Comment Example Icon
canoe:type flatwater sprint/marathon on flatwater, see [2]  
canoe:type polo canoe polo, see [3]  
canoe:type rodeo playboating/rodeo, see [4]  
canoe:type slalom white water slalom, see [5] Kayak-slalom.svg
canoe:type river_running (whitewater) river descent, rather leisure activity, see [6] (TODO: Relate to WikiProject Whitewater Maps)

The services

Key Value Comment Example Icon
canoe:service boathouse a boathouse, may be together with a canoe club
canoe:service boat_rental boat rentals

See also

WikiProject Whitewater Maps and discussion of how to generalise tagging to cover flat-water paddling on the talk page Talk:WikiProject Whitewater Maps

--Kaspi 10:56, 21 April 2009 (UTC)