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Kinshasa, Congo-Kinshasa, Africa

latitude: -4.32, longitude: 15.3
Browse map of Kinshasa 4°19′12.00″ S, 15°18′00.00″ E
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Kinshasa is a city in Congo-Kinshasa, Africa at latitude 4°19′12.00″ South, longitude 15°18′00.00″ East.

Kinshasa est la capitale de la République Démocratique du Congo.

Attention : l’imagerie haute définition Bing est décalée, utilisez la correction 24.80; 3.30.

Kinshasa is the capital of the Congo (DRC) which has French as its official language. Lingala, one of the four national languages, is also widely used in the city, while the other languages are used in specific communities. See WikiProject Congo-Kinshasa for country level coordination and more community links

Mapping progress

Browse the current map to see mapping progress.

Map of Kinshasa

Mapping of Kinshasa progressed rapidly back in 2007 (quite early in OpenStreetMap's history), and since then Kinshasa has been the focus of several humanitarian mapping initiatives as a well as having an active local mapping community.

Map as of mid 2007. See also progress history in 2007

Limites des communes et districts

Ville-province de Kinshasa : relation 193089

district de la Funa :

Bandalungwa relation 388091
Bumbu relation 388134
Kalamu relation 388127
Kasa-Vubu relation 388094
Makala relation 388133
Ngiri-Ngiri relation 388092
Selembao relation 388135

district de la Lukunga

Barumbu relation 388104
Gombe relation 388098
Kinshasa relation 388103
Kintambo relation 388090
Lingwala relation 388097
Mont Ngafula relation 389761
Ngaliema relation 389760

district du Mont Amba

Kisenso relation 389536
Lemba relation 389335
Limete relation 388599
Matete relation 389334
Ngaba relation 388139

district de la Tshangu

Kimbanseke relation 389614
Maluku relation 389746
Masina relation 389694
Ndjili relation 389659
Nsele relation 389689