Known INEGI Data Issues

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The following is a list of known data issues

Known issues

  1. CVU and IVLA datasets are not a true road network. There are dangling ends (definition?) and long edges that need to be split at intersections with other edges.
    1. See detailed analysis here:
  1. CVU and IVLA datasets are riddled with overlapping edges. IVLA and CVU datasets have approximately 20,903 and 1,199 cases of two edges overlapping, respectively.
    1. Many of these edges have different road attributes (name, road type, etc)

i. Some could have totally different attributes

ii. Some could have the same name but different road type

  1. There are some edges that are overlapped by more than 1 edge.
  2. See detailed analysis here:
  3. CVU and IVLA geometries sometimes do not reflect reality.
    1. Example: Roundabout in reality, but intersection is highly generalized (“+” intersection)
    2. Example: Divided/dual-carriageway road in reality, but road is digitized as single-carriageway
  1. All three INEGI datasets have been released at different times. Sometimes you would find roads in the IVLA dataset that are not in the CVU dataset, and vice-versa.

ALL IVLA and CVU cases to visualize in JOSM can be found on the following directory:

All test cases can be found here:


IVLA Overlap Cases
Main Link Overlapping Links Comments Case PBF
gid = 503142 Main Link: Image2015-2-26 15-8-36.png
Main Link Overlapping Links Image
503142 552394 1a.png
503142 552424 2a.png
503142 552520 3a.png
503142 552369 4a.png
503142 552427 5a.png
503142 552775 6a.png

Long segment overlapped by smaller segments. Which to choose?
gid = 1608909 Image2015-2-26 15-19-33.png
Main Link Overlapping Links Image
1608909 1624025 1b.png
1608909 1624375 2b.png
1608909 1624177 3b.png
1608909 1624559 4b.png
Different road ways overlapping one roadway. Very confusing. What to choose?
gid = 475614 Image2015-2-26 15-27-47.png
Main Link Overlapping Links Image
475614 484271 1c.png
475614 484904 2c.png
475614 484264 3c.png
Overlapping edges. What to do?
gid = 1241221 Image2015-2-26 15-34-4.png
Main Link Overlapping Links Image
1241221 1241230 1d.png
Two overlapping li