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A large import was done in Korea by User:cyana

one of the changesets can be seen here:


What happened till now

with the source information in node http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/368929047 source = http://kr.open.gugi.yahoo.com --Jstein 19:15, 3 October 2010 (BST)

Discussion follows here

User:cyana wrote today:

I'm sure all the data i've upload is 100% no problem legally. I've collected those POIs from various sources, such as directory of Korea Hospital name database, or digging up many text files which was freely available in internet. even school directories... Etc.

And then get the lat/lon pair from yahoo's open API POI service(yes it was really nice gift, free service in korea). Yahoo korea provides service which can return lat/lon pair from the given unique name. It covers most of massive POIs uploaded last year by me. Some of POIs from government such like Seoul bus POI database, metro subway databases. all databases was public. But I didn't set proper OSM tags for those POIs. I just set that POIs was coming from Yahoo Korea using some script as you know.

I have some plans to update wrong tags as like 'dentist', and set more accurate name tags because old POI's korean to english translation program maded by me has some translation errors.

I also got 40000 POIs(mostly mountain name) from GNS and various mountaining clubs who provide those POIs freely last year but didn't upload it to OSM server yet.

I'm not sure when to begin those work. Thanks for reminding me what have to be done. :)