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Terms of free use of the Open Data from Mexican Government.

The present "Terms of free use" promote the use, reuse and redistribution of open data sets in accordance with the following:

You can:

a. Make and distribute copies of the data set and its contents;
b. Disseminate and publish the data set and its contents;
c. Adapt or rearrange the data set and its contents;
d. Extract the whole or partially the content of the data set;
e. Commercially exploit the dataset and its contents, and;
f. Create datasets derived from the data set or its contents.


a. Cite the source from which the data set was obtained: "Data set name ", [acronym for the agency or entity of the Federal Government]; Link to URL from which the data was downloaded, and the date of consultation in numeric format [YYYY-MM-DD], made available in such a way as to be easily accessible to users, and the way that best suits the operation of the good or service.

b. Do not use the information in order to mislead or confuse the population varying the original sense of the information and its veracity.

c. Do not pretend that your use of the data represents an official position of the Government or that it is supported by the source.

Citing example:

"Plant Varieties and Seeds" SAGARPA. Requested from in 04.09.2014.

Notice of third party content

The terms of free use do not authorize to use third-party content such as original works in any format within the datasets. In case you need to use such content, you must seek permission directly from the copyright holder under the Federal Copyright Act.

Source: [1]