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LandPro is a dataset prepared by the Atlanta Regional Commission. Is contains landuse information for the Metro Atlanta region. It has been uploaded, and provides the current landuse data for metro Atlanta.

Permission to Import

Tim Maguire at the ARC gave permission on April 9, 2009, to import the database into OpenStreetMap:

Yes, it would be fine to use the dataset and if you have any questions please give me a call. I am glad to know that LandPro is getting some use. By the way, my boss loved that you called me Tina. I may have just earned a new nickname. Tim Maguire, GISP 404-463-3155


Most of the Polygons need cleanup: Data is often outdated (Example: Imported landuse=construction's are probably all or at least 99 percent wrong). Many Polygons have duplicated nodes, and many Polygons were imported but have no relevant landuse=* tags and should be deleted too. The geometry is very rough. All the landuses have the tag LandPro08:reviewed=no. If the landuse has been reviewed, the tag can be deleted. It is not nessescary to change it to a =yes.