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Šobrīd LAKA ( ir primārais pārstāvniecības kandidāts.

OSM apraksts par local chapters.

OSM ir daži noteikumi, kas jāapmierina:

Local chapters must:

  • have bylaws that describe their mission as supporting OpenStreetMap or open geodata in general similar to the OSMF.

Pētera komentārs: būs jāpapildina vai jākonkretizē LAKA statūti, bet nekas lielas.

  • be an officially incorporated legal entity in their country. (Otherwise there would be nobody to sign an agreement with. If you don't have a legal entity you can still be part of OSM in general or a member of OSMF, but you can't form a local chapter.)

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  • be democratically organised, i.e. they must be membership organisations where members have voting rights. (The details on how this would be done are dependent on local laws etc.)

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  • be non-profit. (In some countries it is easy to get formal non-profit status, in others its rather difficult and/or can take some time to achieve. So its not required that an organisation must be formally non-profit according to the laws of their country, but it must be clear from the bylaws.)

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  • name a representative as primary contact point with OSMF.

p.s. noorganizēsim

Local chapters should

  • have at least 20 members. (This is to ensure some form of stability. Some countries also have rules on the minimum number of members for a membership organisation. Its not an absolute rule to allow for exceptions, local chapter Antarctica anyone?)