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Author user:softeis
License Proprietary (0.99)
Version 2.3 (2010-12-15)
Languages German, English, and French
Website http://eiseler.de/iphone/Johannes_iPhone_Site/Leisure.html

Leisure is an application to find OSM POIs with the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It launched on the 22nd August 2009 in the Apple App Store.

Leisure searches around the localized position or everywhere in the world for the most important OSM POIs when you are abroad. The new version which is in review by apple, includes the sectors: Family, Food and Drink, Public & Shopping, Fun, Sport, Tourism, Travel and Adult. The search results are shown in a list from which they can be shown on a OSM map, google maps or searched by google.

Work on furher versions are in progress.


  • V1.0 released
  • V1.2 released (clearer interface, spanish, sections with much more search items
  • V2.0 in review (much more comfort)
  • V3.0 features in discussion (sure there will be extra features for OSM "geeks")

Fast Food in Munich

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