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Ca. 5.000 Touristic places in France which have been marked as wheelchair accessible by the "l'association Tourisme et Handicaps". These have been published by "Ministère de l'Economie, de l'Industrie et du Numérique" on the french open data portal.

Import Plan Outline


Add wheelchair-tag to places which already exist in OSM Add places which are new to OSM


March 2016: Discussion in the imports mailing list and creation of this wiki page.

No concrete schedule yet. Help is appreciated!

Data assessment

Related Umap is being developed both for data assessment and assisted manual import.

  • Some samples have been done and poor geographic quality has been observed, revealing 0-500 meters errors;
  • 50% of points do not have housenumbers;
  • not many addresses have been imported in OSM on France national territory;

hence reliable geocoding cannot be performed.

Non-geographic data is good: most fields are filled and can be mapped in suitable OSM tags with minor adjustments.

Conclusion: import will likely be performed manually.

Import Data


Provide links to your sources.

Data source site: https://www.data.gouv.fr/fr/datasets/les-etablissements-tourisme-handicap/
Data license: https://www.etalab.gouv.fr/licence-ouverte-open-licence
Type of license (if applicable): Open Licence
Link to permission (if required): https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/imports/2016-March/004333.html
OSM attribution (if required): ?
ODbL Compliance verified: yes

Information on the accessibility criteria: http://www.tourisme-handicaps.org/site/assets/files/1198/d_pliant_pr_sa_label_grand_public_sept_2014_anglais.pdf
Online directory with all places: http://dgcisth.armadillo.fr/app/photopro.sk/handicap/?#sessionhistory-ready
Information on the data and point of contacts:"' http://www.entreprises.gouv.fr/marques-nationales-tourisme/presentation-tourisme-et-handicap

OSM Data Files


Import Type

This can be a one-time import although it seems the data is updated from time to time (the gouv.fr data has data sets of different dates).

In the mailing list some people mentioned that lat/lon was missing and therefore a manual import would be needed/preferred.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Data fields are not redundant, no particular reduction will be done. Since dataset contains just nodes, no simplification will be done.

Tagging Plans

Schema is built for QGIS "field calculator", for current testing umap.

New field OSMTAGS (string, 50 or more chars) has been generated by following expressions:

  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Activités sportives et de loisir' THEN CASE
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Arboretum%' THEN 'arboretum=yes'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE '%questre%' THEN 'leisure=horse_riding'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE '%nautique%' THEN 'club=sport\nsport=sail'            
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE '%aquatique%' THEN 'leisure=swimming_pool' 
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Piscine %' THEN 'leisure=swimming_pool' 
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Arboretum%' THEN 'leisure=yes\narboretum=yes'
            ELSE 'leisure=sports_centre'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Café; bar; brasserie'  THEN CASE
            WHEN "ETABLISSEM"  LIKE '%Bar%' THEN 'amenity=bar'
            WHEN "ETABLISSEM"  LIKE '%Café%' THEN 'amenity=cafe'
            WHEN "ETABLISSEM"  LIKE '%Brasserie%' THEN 'amenity=restaurant'
	    ELSE 'amenity=bar'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Camping'   THEN 'tourism=camp_site'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Centres d''accueil pour enfants -  jeunes' THEN 'social_facility=group_home'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Chambre d''hôtes'  THEN 'tourism=guest_house'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Gîte d''étape' THEN 'tourism=hostel'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Hébergement collectif'  THEN 'tourism=hostel'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Hôtel' THEN 'tourism=hotel'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Hôtel-restaurant' THEN 'tourism=hotel\namenity=restaurant'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Lieu de visite' THEN CASE
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  LIKE 'Musée%' THEN 'tourism=museum'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  LIKE 'Château%' THEN 'tourism=attraction\nhistoric=castle'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  LIKE 'Cave%' THEN 'craft=winery'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Abbaye %' THEN 'amenity=place_of_worship\nhistoric=yes'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Aquarium%' THEN 'tourism=aquarium'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Arboretum%' THEN 'tourism=attraction\narboretum=yes'
            ELSE 'tourism=attraction'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE '%pique%nique%' THEN 'tourism=picnic_site'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Arboretum%' THEN 'leisure=yes\narboretum=yes'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Aquarium%' THEN 'tourism=aquarium'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Atelier%' THEN 'shop=yes'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Bateau %' THEN 'tourism=attraction\nhistoric=ship'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Cinéma %' THEN 'amenity=cinema'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Piscine %' THEN 'leisure=swimming_pool'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Plage %' THEN 'natural=beach' 
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Salle de spectacles %' THEN 'amenity=theatre'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Théâtre %' THEN 'amenity=theatre'
            WHEN  "ETABLISSEM"  ILIKE 'Zoo%' THEN 'tourism=zoo'
            ELSE 'leisure=yes'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Meublé de tourisme' THEN 'tourism=chalet'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Office de tourisme' THEN 'tourism=information\ninformation=office'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Palais des Congrès' THEN 'amenity=conference_centre'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Restaurant' THEN 'amenity=restaurant'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Résidence de tourisme' THEN'tourism=apartment'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Structure diverse' THEN 'amenity=yes'
  WHEN "CATEGORIE" = 'Village de vacances'  THEN 'tourism=resort'
 ELSE 'note=fixme'

Handicap tags expression (to be completed) follows:

   WHEN "HANDICAPS" ILIKE '%moteur%' THEN concat("OSMTAGS",'\nwheelchair=yes')

The resulting table (T&H and OSMTAG fields) has been saved in a single shp file [TODO link]. REGION based geojson files will be generated to feed data to production umap. Two REGION based layers have been already set for testing purposes:

  • Haute-Normandie - 169 nodes
  • Poitou-Charentes - 624 nodes

TODO: Adaptation for ogr2osm python translation file is in progress.

Changeset Tags

to be done: Describe how you'll use changeset tags in the import.

Data Transformation

to be done: Describe the transformations you'll need to conduct, the tools you're using, and any specific configurations or code that will be used in the transformation.

Data Transformation Results

to be done: Post a link to your OSM XML files.

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

The import was suggested by User:holgerd but he can not do the import himself. Help is appreciated!


to be done: List all factors that will be evaluated in the import.


to be done: Detail the steps you'll take during the actual import.

Information to include:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Changeset size policy
  • Revert plans


to be done: Identify your approach to conflation here.


to be done: Add your QA plan here.